Today is International Day of Peace. What a notion that is. Can you imagine a day without war, without chaos, without senseless murder? Where people work together to create a better world? It’s something I’ve been thinking about a lot. What could humanity accomplish if we weren’t so busy trying to conquer, one up, or oppress others? Would we be able to explore more of space, cure horrible diseases, find new energy sources? It’s an interesting notion, for sure. 
Last night I kicked off International Day of Peace with a beautiful yoga session by the pond. We spoke about peace, and one thing that stuck with me is something so small that Lexi said. “Peace does not come from how you treat others. Peace starts by how you treat yourself.” Today, that is what I am going to focus on. There is so much evil, so much hate in the world today, that International Peace seems impossible, like we’re stuck in a dystopian fiction novel. But, there is always hope. And where does that hope start? With one individual. 
I challenge you all today to spend today not thinking of things you hate, like your job, the election, or the senseless acts we see portrayed in various lights due to the media. Instead, take some time to think about the good. What are some things you are grateful for? 
I’m grateful for a loving family, having two jobs I love, being able to study and research something that I’m passionate about, and the ability to pursue new dreams, like becoming a certified yoga instructor. 
What are you grateful for today?