Recently while wasting time on one of my favorite social media sites, Pinterest, I came across something interesting. I was looking at pins on sustainability, since it’s kind of a big deal with those in my major, and I grew up on a farm, so yay sustainability! One thing that kept popping up on my feed was this thing called Zero Waste. All these pins on refusing plastic, banishing it from your home, and having hardly any trash to throw out. 

Needless to say, I was intrigued. 

I may have gone a little crazy and liked or pinned tons of pins. I wanted to know everything. One of the pins led me to the YouTube channel of a girl named Lauren Singer. She runs the blog Trash is for Tossers, and she can fit her trash from the last 4 years in a quart sized mason jar. What? How is that possible? Well, not counting reusing, recycling, and composting, yeah it’s totally possible. 

I had a whole post planned for this, and I completely got bogged down with my trip home and my trip to Dallas for the Brooke Hester Hustle. So, the post uh didn’t get made like I planned. BUT. I will get it ready and post it in a few days! 

I just wanted to get something out today, and get you all excited about my new journey!
I’ll see you in a few days!